Open web tooling

Visual Studio gives you the tools and flexibility you need to create and deploy modern web applications today.

  • HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS 3, LESS/Sass, C#
  • ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Node, Angular, Bootstrap
  • NuGet, Bower, npm, Grunt, Gulp


ASP.NET is a free, open source web framework for building great Web sites and Web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Open source

Found a bug or got a new idea? Open an issue or send a pull request. All of the ASP.NET and .NET Core CLR runtime components as well the Azure SDKs for any language are all on GitHub and taking contributions. Get involved today!

It's all on GitHub and pull requests are more than welcome.


The ASP.NET Razor syntax allows you to inline C# directly inside your views.

You've got full access to the current Model as well as the entire .NET framework types available.


Tag Helpers

coming soon...

Tilde slash

You can use the tilde (~) character in Razor markup to indicate the root of the website. This is particularly useful when the root of the application is located in a subfolder of an existing website.

ASP.NET the tilde character

Model driven development

The models used in an ASP.NET application can be annotated to provide a wide range of experiences such as database schema generation, view scaffolding, client- and server-side validation and more.

Model annotations

Annotate your models to generate the database schema and scaffold views.

ASP.NET model annotations


Annotations will also ensure both server- and client-side validation.

ASP.NET annotations for validation


In the works...

Dynamic templating

coming soon...

Roslyn compiler

The .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") provides open-source C# and Visual Basic compilers with rich code analysis APIs.

It enables building code analysis tools with the same APIs that are used by Visual Studio.

Environment awareness

The app specific configuration defaults to have environment settings override the configuration in the projects.

ASP.NET configuration

Code based configuration

Any identity, routing and database configuration is code based to give full fidelity to the logic need for any web app.

ASP.NET code based configuration

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