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The new CSS editor in Visual Studio fully supports all versions of CSS including CSS Selectors Level 4.


Visual Studio IntelliSense is always up-to-date with the latest web standards. You get accurate hints for classes, IDs and attribute names and values, which can sometimes be hard to remember.

Advanced auto completion

Vendor-specific properties

Vendor-specific selectors and properties are supported for -moz-*, -ms-*, -o-* and -webkit-*.

Vendor specifics

General snippets

The comprehensive snippet collection makes it easier to write more complex CSS, like gradients, media queries, font-face embedding, and a lot more.

To invoke a snippet, simply hit the Tab key after the property name.

CSS snippets

Vendor-specific snippets

All properties that have vendor-specific versions are automatically provided as snippets. Just hit Tab to expand the snippet.

CSS Vendor specific snippets

Working with colors

The color picker is an IntelliSense feature that makes it easy to deal with colors. Use the eyedropper to pick colors from other windows, set the opacity, or choose from previously used colors.

CSS color picker

File picker

Working with images, fonts, and other files is easy using the built-in file picker that automatically helps you insert file paths into CSS documents.

CSS file picker

Hierarchical indentation

Keep your CSS file nice and organized using hierarchical indentation. The indentation of the CSS rulesets is based on the cascading order of the selectors. To format the document just press Ctrl+K+D.

CSS hierarchical indentation

Auto-sync with BrowserLink

coming soon...

Open source

The entire CSS language definition that Visual Studio uses is open source. Find a missing property or pseudo-selector? Send a pull request.

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