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The JSON editor in Visual Studio is the first of its kind to fully support JSON Schema.


Writing JSON documents has never been easier than with the Visual Studio JSON editor.

You can even type the colon before the closing quote of a property name to save a few keystrokes.

Basic JSON auto-completion

JSON Schema

The JSON editor in Visual Studio is the first of its kind to fully support the JSON Schema standard. You get IntelliSense and validation for some of the most common JSON file formats.

This example shows what it's like working with a Web Manifest JSON document.

JSON Schema based Intellisense


Information from the referenced JSON Schema is displayed as hover tooltips to help make it clear what the various properties mean.

JSON tootips


Most modern JSON parsers support comments, and so does Visual Studio. Simply hit the global keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K+C to add a comment, or Ctrl+K+U to uncomment the line or selection.

JSON comments


The editor helps you keep track of syntax errors and other potential issues, such as duplicate properties.

JSON validation

For JSON Schema authors

You get great support for writing JSON Schema documents.

JSON Pointers

Visual Studio provides full IntelliSense for JSON Pointer references. It works for pointers in the current document as well as remote references.

JSON Pointers

Inline $ref references

Inline $ref references make it easy to refactor your JSON Schema.

JSON inline references

Go to definition

You can hit F12 on any $ref or $schema property to navigate to its source origin - in both local and remote files.

Open source

All the JSON Schema files that provide IntelliSense and validation are open source at

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