Open web tooling

Visual Studio gives you the tools and flexibility you need to create and deploy modern web applications today.

  • HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS 3, LESS/Sass, C#
  • ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Node, Angular, Bootstrap
  • NuGet, Bower, npm, Grunt, Gulp

Browser Link

Visual Studio creates a bi-directional web socket channel to any browser or emulator. That socket is called Browser Link.

JavaScript and Web Sockets

Browser Link is a bi-directional communication channel between Visual Studio and any browser or emulator. It's based on JavaScript and Web Sockets. This feature allows Visual Studio to automatically initiate actions in connected browsers; it can automatically reload the page when you change code that affects the page. And it works in the other direction; you can make changes in the browser that automatically update code in the Visual Studio project.

Browser Link menu

Refresh page

coming soon...

CSS Auto Sync

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Internet Explorer integration

Internet Explorer's developer tools automatically recognizes when Browser Link is running on a web page. When inspecting an element, Visual Studio will automatically open the source file that generated that element in the DOM.

Internet Explorer Integration

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