Open web tooling

Visual Studio gives you the tools and flexibility you need to create and deploy modern web applications today.

  • HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS 3, LESS/Sass, C#
  • ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Node, Angular, Bootstrap
  • NuGet, Bower, npm, Grunt, Gulp


Visual Studio has first-class support for the node.js-based Grunt task runner.

IntelliSense for gruntfile.js

You get auto-completion for the grunt object as well as for the configuration of Grunt tasks.

Grunt auto-completion

The Web Essentials extension provides auto-completion for loading npm tasks.

Grunt load npm tasks


Create a new gruntfile.js is easy using the built-in snippet provided by the JavaScript editor. Expand the snippet by typing grunt and hitting Tab.

Grunt snippet

Task Runner Explorer

Use Visual Studio's Task Runner Explorer window to interact with Grunt. Get an overview of your tasks, and execute them directly from within Visual Studio.

Grunt in Task Runner Explorer

Custom task bindings

Incorporate Grunt tasks into your natural workflow by associating your task with Visual Studio events.

Grunt task bindings

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